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GST HAS SUBSUMED MORE THAN ELEVEN TAXES. GST also migrated from the old paper file system and is totally in digital platform. All staff engaged in the former taxes and duties are to be employed in the GST segment and is waiting to be deployed for action. This means all staff earlier doing office work are DATA READY available for field work to crack into evaders. THIS WILL START BY *ANY TIME FROM* MARCH 2018.


This will start by March 2018.

Tax evasion is impossible, where as smart TAX management is possible. In trading uploading of details of sales through sales bills and purchase bills is the key to GST filing. All other filings subsequent to this are to be in tune to this. Even bigger players and corporates whose accounting and software expert team is finding it difficult in spite of their expertise and resources. Any trader or business and or anybody in the GST net, who has not filed the required filings is in for trouble, as the squad in this is much more than what it was in the past. All their redundant office work is subsumed into GST and run by the digital system.

It is mandatory one has to file and there is no escape to this. How to file?

There are three ways.

  1. To engage a Chartered Accountant for this. For normal business this is impractical given the numbers of CAs available in the country and also their specialization in this area.
  2. The other choice is to employ one person for this which can also be costly.
  3. The GGi Ehub Suvidhakendra will do it relatively effective and cheaper is a smart way out.

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